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About us

Breeding station

The breeding station Ametyst Blue.cz is aimed on breeding of the beautiful and fascinating Birmans breed.
We are members of the "Czech Breeders Society" and the "Cat Breeders Association" in Czech Republic, ZO 36 Brno (www.kockybrno.cz)
CBS is a member of the international cat breeders organization FIFe.

Who we are?

Our names are Šárka, Petr, Sárinka and Esterka Neničkas. We live in Brno , but we spend most of our free time in our cottage in a picturesque village at the foot of the Czech-Moravian Highlands. We have got a lot of a good time there, as well as our four-legged friends.

The first animal member of our family was a standard schnauzer called Fanda. It is already 12 years old, but it is still wacky the same way as it was when young.

The second animal friend is a bitch of black russian's terrier called Juddy. Well, we call it like that, but its proper name is Jaščera Canysiard. Already at the age of 18 months, Juddy could show off with first successfully passed examinations of the performance. It was mainly myself who wanted it, because I really enjoy working with dogs and Fanda was, let's say it in a polite way, grown out for it.

It was our beloved daughter Sárinka's idea that we should get a cat. I have nothing against cats, I love all animals, but I was a little bit of skeptic about the idea of getting a cat into a household with two dogs. But at the end she talked our heads off.

Then the time to decide what we want came. Our daughter was very clear that she wants a white cat with blue eyes. Back there when I lived with my parents, I had a Siamese male cat called Feryk, but although it was really clever, it was also very wild, noisy and kept scratching anything it could get on. So a Siamese cat was off the list. Persian cats are too introverted and I could not enjoy the everyday coat grooming. This left the British cat, the Ragdoll cat and the Birman cat. After we took a good look over few cat shows, we decided that a cat with middle-length coat will be our choice. Then I called approximately ten Ragdoll cat breeders and I've been told by them, that Ragdolls don't like being carried in hands. And also that it likes its rest and only comes for caressing whenever it is in the mood.

So we made the final decision. It would be the Birman Cat. I got lucky, that I have met a whille ago a Slovakian married couple Miro and Ivana Medeks and their daughter Veronika. They have a small Birman breeding station. And also a bitch of an Aerdelterrier called Nessy. So "pack" very similar to our own. Although we have been waiting for a while, after all it was worth it. We brought home a seal colored kitten called Blaze and it became the family's blue-eyed boy. It was and still is absolutely fantastic. Always clean, looking for caressing, an absolute sweetheart, patient, curious, the gorgeous one...

This incredible breed caught our hearts so much, that we have decided to get another kitten. It is imported from Dutch, comes from an excellent breeding station called Cattery van Ranthambhore. Its name is Lotus (though we call it 'Lotynka') and it has a blue tabby colored coat. And it has the very similar fantastic character as Blaze.

After a year the decision to start with our own breeding station came and so we got a male cat. The chosen one was Munaj van Ranthambhore. It came from the same breeding station as Lotynka (aka 'Lotus'), but there is no kinship between them.

I must admit, that my fears about coexistence of our dogs with cats appeared to be completely pointless. Our cats are really cool and when not sleeping in our bed, they love to be snuggled in a lair with our dogs.


The Sacred Birman breeding station Ametyst Blue.cz
Ing. Šárka Neničková
cellphone: +420 603 523 764
email: s.nenickova(at)birmacat.cz

Cattery Ametyst Blue.cz, Ing. Šárka Neničková
Cellphone +420 603 523 764, e-mail: info(at)birmacat.cz
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